VR Stadium Tour

An overview of related benefits:

  1. Architectural design - view details from any position or angle.  Explore details including materials,  color combinations and layouts.

  2. Pre-sell and pre-purchase seats.  Want to know your view from Section 107 seat R16, give it a try.  How does that compare to Club 234 C23 - just click and you are there. Even determine whether the sun will get in your eyes!

  3. For incoming player tours, to give them a taste of what it will be like to stand in the center of the pitch and look around the entire stadium, or visit the locker rooms, or even to experience running through the entrance tunnel.

Camera positions - we can help you figure out where can they be placed for optimal view.

Possibly the most influential... Sponsorship & Advertizing.  How and where should you place certain banners, posters, and other marketing related materials.  Place them, then go to any point in the stadium to see whether that's a good use of your sponsorship money.

Finally, we're testing out some live camera feeds, so with some influential push, you might just be able to watch the superbowl or the olympics or world cup soccer from home in VR as if you were there!




We soon realized that the usual movement wouldn't cut it for the large distances and so developed multiple methods including:


1) WALKING IN PLACE: Yes you can simply use your iPhone or iPad as a teleportation viewing device; hold it in front of you and walk in the real world and you will walk in the virtual stadium too!

2) SUPERMAN: Want to cover larger distances, then try out our Superman setting for Vive.  Hold your arms out in front of you, and the camera tracks your position and movement.  Hold two hands out to go really fast!  It's a whole lot of fun and a great way to tour large spaces.

3) TELEPORTATION:  Quickly hyper jump to pre-defined locations in and out of the stadium: from a particular seat, to the Commentator room, to the bench, to the mall... it's all just a click a way.

In summary, you can choose your seat, tour the ground, and see what the club is working on.


What's new...With our expert 4D partners we can help teams acclimate their athletes to foreign environments, stadiums, and situations with or without the need of a headset.  It's the perfect solution to get the true visualization, it's cheaper than airfare and a lot more fun!

We build stadiums, some that don't even exist!

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