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IMAGINE you buy your dream house.  You love it, you cherish it, and then you realize that the main reason you bought it (the view) is not being admired to it's fullest potential.

Such was the case for a Seattle family, and with a little dynamic virtual help from us they have explored what it would be like to "open up" their living room to the view that they'd been missing yet craving for so long.

While this solution works on PCs, Macs, Vive, iPods, iPhones, iPads, etc... to respect the family's wishes and privacy, a limited functioning version will only be available via the iOS app store (for free!)

This will be released mid-January, as soon as Apple iTunes approve it!

We have included some Easter Eggs for added fun for everyone of every age.

(See the bottom section for links)

SKYBOX (surrounding imagery of view)

If you are familiar with our work, you'll probably notice that we didn't include our usual full 360 degree skybox (images that completely surround the building from all directions).  


If so, good spot!

And the reason is simple: we wanted to show that in locations that we can't easily get to; the owner, realtor or builder will be able to take photos with their phone and we will still be able to integrate them into the solution.  


While this doesn't hold a scratch to the full surround 360 skybox, it does cover the critical "VIEW", which was the purpose for this solution.   This approach makes it more cost effective for the home owner, while still providing a solution that meets their needs.

For further information on this solution contact:
MoreInfo@MyPad3D .com 

DOWNLOADS (coming soon)

Click on the appropriate device below to download a more interactive version.


(laptop or desktop)


(most machines built within last 5 years)


(5s or newer)



VR Headset

(suitable with iPhone 5s or newer)

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