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Ever experienced teleportation?

As crazy as that sounds, if you've never experienced life via a virtual reality headset, you need to give us a call... but note, your life will never be the same again!

Together, within our solutions we can:

  • Explore your home, building or museum as if you were there

  • Look out your to-be-built window and enjoy the vista

  • Envision whether your remodel will be as imagined or as feared

  • Move your future home from the west side of Seattle to the west side of Hollywood

  • Let you crawl out a window at 200 feet and walk the plank

  • Move your house to get the optimal view

  • Give you superpowers to fly like superman/superwoman

  • Explore skyscrapers and stadiums as if were on Harry Potter's broom

  • ... and so much more

The only thing holding you back with virtual reality is your imagination! 

If you'd like to see what we offer first hand, ping us at MoreInfo@MyPad3D or swing by our office in West Seattle for an experience to remember!

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