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Urban Homestead Foundation

The Urban Homestead Foundation (UHF), a non-profit that develops urban gathering centers modeling green building and sustainable food systems through collaborative community and leadership development, contacted MYPAD3D about a new farm school they plan to build in West Seattle (Dakota Homestead).  The school aims to provide the community with hands-on education in urban farming, craft, cooking, and food preservation, while also offering a space for events and after school enrichment classes. 

UHF knew they needed more than sketches to share their vision with the community of what the new school will look like.  They turned to MYPAD3D to help bring their vision to reality, using the latest virtual reality technology.

Below you will find images of the initial sketches, from which all future images are created.

SFS line drawing
SFS Line Drawing 2_edited
SFS line drawing_edited

From these drawings and sketches, we had enough information to build out a fully immersive solution, and from this we have created still images and videos of the proposed school.  In addition, you can download their Immersive Virtual Reality solution for free on almost any device, beit laptop, PC, iMac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad or even the Google cardboard headset.    

Want to see more?  Contact us at at to set up your personal appointment to be transported inside the new school with the HTC Vive at our office in West Seattle.  And if your kids like to play games, be sure to get them in on the act by downloading the iPhone/iPad app for some interactive games involving the proposed school!


360 Video VR Tour

Stand up and look around as we can you on a virtual 360 tour of the proposed property.

This will work on any device you have and even in a VR headset like google cardboard.

If on a computer or iPad, remember to drag around to see in all directions

Video Tour

Sit back and enjoy the ride as this video takes you on a tour of the proposed property.

Observe the pizza oven, green house, seed store and craft room without ever leaving your couch!

Interactive 3D Exterior

For a quick and easy tour of the outside of this building, simply drag your mouse around and the home will rotate.

Try using the right mouse too, if you want to get fancy!

And don't forget that we have a really immersive version free to download on almost any device, just click the appropriate link from the downloads section below...


Not all devices are created equal...

The Windows and Mac laptops and desktops run just great and have the best graphics quality.

However, the iPhone versions allow your kids (and/or you!) to play a treasure hunt game.  Further, you can put your phone into a google cardboard or similar VR headset (costs about $20) and really have some fun! 

If you find that you are unable to run this software from one device, don't worry, we have you covered. In addition to the PC and Mac versions, we also offer solutions that will work with your iPad, iPhone, or Android smart phones and tablets.

Or if you are near our office, come by for a visit using the HTC Vive - as this will truly blow your socks off and appreciate just how wonderful the Dakota Homestead will be!

Should you have any questions regarding the software please contact us at DHF@mypad3d .com

Windows laptops,

surface and PCs


Google Cardboard for iOS


Apple iMacs and laptops


Also try searching for MyPad3D on the App Store

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