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What is Virtual Reality Like?

We can deliver our solutions through many channels such as large screen, pc, macs, laptop, iPad, mobile and VR headset.
You can see from this next video where users tested one of our product solutions on a VR headset and couldn't stop saying, "Wow!"
We are certain you and your customers will have the same experience!
VR video
There's a second video with lots more experiences HERE

Hungry for More?

Don't worry, we get that a lot!  Check out our VR product offerings by clicking on the buttons below.

Simple single view solutions for marketing and websites

Latest technology, interactive 3D solutions for small to medium size projects

Large scale immersive solutions ideal for communities, skyscrapers, retail, government buildings, and much more



Solution Comparison

We offer VR product solutions that are customizables to your needs and industry.  With our basic offerings, you'll receive:


  • Free unlimited screen shots, images, and renders 


  • The support you need (email and phone)


  • Optional multiple delivery for large screens, laptops, mobile devices and VR headsets



To see how we can customize the VR experience for your business, please contact us at

Below is a guide to some of the subnoted text for further clarification:


(1) Special Products = the ability to show case a particular product, such as a stove, table, piece of furniture.  We can create a special playable snippet that can be embedded into websites or used to create marketing materials.


(2) ShowMode = a clutter free automated tour perfect for having in the background on a big screen TV


(3)  Full Quality Graphics = we ensure our graphics work on all machines


(4) Interactive Choices = per your prefence, we can make things move, and add changables


(5) RealView = the ability to integrate real world pictures in backgrounds or surroundings. I.E as you look out the window you will see exactly what you will see when the real thing is built


(6) Auto-Pilot = our self guided tour to take the work out of getting around.  This is particularly aimed at new users or those wanting to sit back and relax.  The pilot mode can be paused and resumed at any point.


(7) ChoiceTracker = the ability to load/save a collection of choices


(8) Cost Calculator = tracks the cost of each chosen item and tallies the total


(9) MiniMap featuring DirectionView = produces a mini-map of the environment enabling you to jump around from room to room, or floor to floor.  The DirectionView is an icon placed on the mini-map showing the direction you are looking/traveling.  Particularly useful for large environments


(10) OmniView = the ability to fly above your environment and get a new perspective.  Particularly useful for designers looking to determine aesthetic flow and consistency between rooms


(11) Free Screen Capture = built in capture mode to take pictures at any point. Potentially saving you tons of time and money compared to normal renders.


(12) Fly-throughs = you can use software to capture videos, or we can assist you for a minimal charge.  Typically these cost thousands of dollars and take weeks.  Now you can do the same for free and in minutes.


(13) F&F = friends and family


(14) Option Sheet = submit to builder will send both you and the builder a precise breakdown of your choices and total costs.


(15) Virtual Reality headsets = new in the marketplace, we are compatible with the main ones, yet can easily add new devices at your request.  Check the FAQ page for a full list of the latest compatible headsets.


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