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StillView solutions are single viewpoints recreated virtually.  It's a great solution for smaller projects or areas of interest where limited movement is needed. StillView can incorporate real photos/footage from actual surroundings and the final output can be delivered to you via embedding into your website, via download, via phone app, or via VR headset.


Advanced functionality is also available and some examples are given below...



StillView: Products



Try interacting with these items, by zooming, and dragging in all directions...


StillView: Interiors


Is this interior, is this a plan view, is this both?... You decide!

Try interacting by zooming, dragging with the left mouse button, or moving with the right mouse button...

StillView: Plan Views


StillView: Exteriors

This example solution allows interactivity to visualize options.

(Click on the images below to see the room change)

StillView: Combination Solutions


In addition to simple stills, images can be overlayed to allow the experience of change as demonstrated in the examples below...

This example solution demonstrates various options for a remodel

(Click on the thumbnails below to see the variants)

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