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Think you have the skills to solve a maze?

What about a Virtual Reality version?

Play first 3 levels for free (find coins to keep playing for free, or buy tokens to keep playing levels)

PS this game is in active development.  This means we love your feedback and are releasing new fixes, new levels, new free levels, new easter eggs and improvements every few weeks based off of what you tell us!



A Maze Walk VR takes maze solving to a whole new level by utilizing the MyPad3D unique movement... using the gyroscope combined with the accelerometer on your mobile device, so that you can physically walk in both the real and the in the virtual world simultaneously (or if you prefer just jiggle your hands to mimic walking movement).


For a more immersive experience, load your phone into a VR headset / Glasses / Goggles and trick your mind that you are really there!  (NOTE you can use it without a VR headset too!)



In the center of the screen, there is a tiny dot, this tracks where you are looking.  Point this over a button and you’ll see a small rotating disk appear. 

We are testing out 3 methods of selection:

  1. WAIT: Recommended selection method...After about 2 seconds of pointing at the button, the disk fully rotates and the button is automagically selected. (works with/without headsets and with/without triggers)

  2. TRIGGER: If your VR headset has a trigger, you can depress it to select. (see images below)

  3. PRESS: If you don’t have a trigger simply stare at the buttons and press the on-screen button with your finger (easy for iPad in or any device in full screen mode)

Please note this game can be played without a headset, just remember to  TOGGLE VR to go into full screen mode.

Some examples of VR headsets that feature a trigger button


  1. Get to the top of the castle as quickly as you can

  2. Beat your friends’ time and Top the leaderboard

  3. Find coins/tokens for free levels (or pay to avoid looking)

  4. Explore all the mazes and try and find Easter eggs

  5. Find the hidden jokes, facts, poems and more


Each level costs at least one token.  We give you 3 for free

To acquire more Tokens to play more levels, find the hidden Token in each level or purchase more in the Shop.


We love feedback and are always open to suggestions.  Similarly, please let us know how we are doing by giving us the appropriate rating and feedback on the app store.


Our game utilizes the gyroscope and accelerometer in the iPhone/iPad so when you physically move in the real world, it senses the vibration of movement and you move in that world too (only in a forward direction).

To go backwards or in a different direction, simply physically turn in that direction.


To move without crashing into real things that might hurt (recommended!), either walk in place (walking on the spot), or gently jiggle the device and the processor will sense your movement and will replicate with a forward thrust.


As a special FYI: if you jump in the real world (or give the device a big jiggle), you will jump in the virtual world too.  This enables you to see over the walls, get your bearings and help identify where you need to go. 


We have over 10 levels in the app and are adding more every few weeks.

Each level costs one coin/token.  We give you the first 3 tokens for free, so the first 3 levels cost you zip!

What's more, within each level, search around and find the one or more coins that are hidden.  You can then use these coins to access additional levels.

Alternatively, purchase the packs of coins from the shop and avoid the wait!

As a rule of thumb:

  • Easy levels cost 1 coin each

  • Medium levels 2 coins

  • Hard levels 3 coins

  • And special levels have special value!

We've also started adding packs for those that want to just play particular themed environment.  If you have a good idea for a theme, send them to

Example of a an easy Maze
Example of a more complicated Maze


  1. This works on the iPad, iPhone or even the iPod (just remember to press the ToggleVR button to switch between full screen and VR modes).

  2. Play around with the jiggling motion to get a sense of how much you need to move.

  3. If you are having trouble getting started, you are possibly nudged against a wall.  To resolve, simply turn and face a different direction to get started.

  4. If you jump, you can see over walls and get a good idea of your location.

  5. Remember to look down as well as to the sides... you might just find some helpful markers.

  6. Locate the hidden coins on each level and play for free.

  7. Some levels have more than one hidden coin.

  8. Keep a mental track of deliberate graphics oddities, grass, Easter eggs, and objects outside the walls, as these can all be used as location markers and guides.

  9. If your iPhone/iPad keeps crashing on loading... it is probably because you have too many apps open.  Double click the home button and swipe up on all the open programs. Relaunch the game, and you should be in VR heaven!

  10. Each level also has lots of Easter eggs - see if you can find them!

  11. People who provide valuable feedback might just find a special tribute within the walls!

  12. Remember to check the leaderboard to see how your times compare to those of your friends.

  13. Over 1M people have downloaded the app, so if you make the score board you are doing great!

  14. After we figured out the movement for a client, we decided to utilize it in a fun maze app... originally, it was just for a stress free idea and a break from the normal client work.  It became so popular, that we now dedicate hours every week to improving it.  If you have ideas, let us know!

  15. Did you find the Hall of Fame?  This is dedicated to those who solved the maze first and/or where significant in it's initial creation... although in most cases both!

You can use these coins to access new levels:

  • Easy levels cost 1 coin each

  • Medium levels 2 coins

  • Hard levels 3 coins

  • And special levels have special value!

Within each level, one or more coins will be hidden.  Find these coins and you can play for free. 


Alternatively, purchase the packs of coins from the shop and avoid the wait!

The Shop, Coins, tokens and how to get it for free!

You can download for free...


VR Headset

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