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Shall we start with some Apps?

It all started with an idea... "wouldn't it be good if we could put our 3D models in everyone's hands?"

Then along came the iPhone and about 12months of trial, error, rinse and repeat... and now we have it down to a science!

(albeit a constantly changing and evolving science!)

We combine science with art to make the often mundane that little bit more interesting... or wherever we can, a lot more interesting.

We believe that because of this passion, we can create apps that are both useful for the end user and fun for all.

We started with a goal of getting 1k downloads, which then turned into 10k, then 100k, then 1k per day... and then on Christmas day 2016 we were ecstatic to see we topped 100k downloads in one day.

Would you like this level of exposure ?

If so, feel free to contact us by any means you like!

Our Philosophical recipe in 3 easy steps:

Make it work on iPhones & iPads

Ensure it's super easy to use for everyone




Add high quality graphics, mix in some elements of education, and generously add a healthy dose of fun






For more about Apps

Phone: 1-844-MY-PAD-3D  (1-844-69-723-33)

Email: Apps@

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