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WHAT does MyPad3D do?

We build Immersive and Interactive Virtual Reality solutions for all industries, yet with a primary focus on construction.   That's where we think the biggest need is.  However, you may have better ideas, and we'd love to hear them.  Please feel free to reach out to if you have new ideas/suggestions/feebdack/questions.

WHAT industries do you work with?

Whether you are a dirt buyer, developer, builder, architect, designer, planner, remodeler, realtor or potential buyer… we have something for you… something fun… that will make your life easier and the buying, building or designing process more enjoyable.

WHAT are the benefits to the user?

We are very proud to say that everyone involved in using our solution will benefit. Here are a few:


For the BUYER

  • TOUR and explore 24/7 from anywhere

  • VISUALIZE & CUSTOMIZE to your preferences without the pressure of a sales person

  • Openly see the prices and work within your BUDGET.  You can even use our built-in calculator to help TRACK 

  • Share ideas using our insta-shot feature with friends, family and the builder to ensure everyone is on the same page




  • Give your customers 24/7 ACCESS to your sites

  • PRE-SELL homes and offices

  • Sell homes FASTER

  • Get your buyers on the same page as the contractors

  • REDUCE costly change orders

  • Improved customer satisfaction

  • Unlimited FREE renders (photos and videos)

  • Unlimited marketing material creation potential

  • All of this (and more) equals more PROFIT


For the DESIGNER type (interior, exterior, product, and more)

  • Easy add-on to your usual offering

  • Give your customers 24/7 ACCESS to a custom version of your vision

  • Visually see all combinations

  • Get a true perspective of flow (see GodsEye in solutions for more)

  • Ensure everyone is on the same page before work begins

  • Avoid costly changes

  • Increased profit


For more info including other roles and business areas, please click here or go to the  SOLUTIONS in the header 

HOW do I get started?

Please click here to fill out our Get a Free Quote form or email us at


WHO are your clients?

Our clients reserve the right to keep a competitive advantage by using our solutions.  While we have not listed them here, if you google MyPad3D you should see our name pop-up.


Please feel free to contact us at

HOW much do you charge

Such a simple question, and we would love to answer it with a simple answer.  


However, the easy way to answer it is how much does a house cost?

Yes, that doesn't really answer the question does it?

How about this....

Our solutions are completely tailored to the needs of you and your customers, with prices ranging from several hundred dollars.  We'd love to discuss your needs and give you an exact price - just contact us at and we'll painlessly get the info we need to responsibly answer that one.

WHO works on the MyPad3D team?

We are a group who do what we love and love what we do. You can find out more about us here

HOW can I navigate in your solutions?

Using our solution is easy, as we have navigation possibilities for both the gamer and the novice. Here are three components:


  1. You can use the arrow keys to move forwards, backwards, left and right.  

  2. Dragging while holding the left mouse button pressed will change your view.  

  3. Click on the Auto Pilot button in the tool bar will give you a guided tour that can be stopped and manually explored at any point.

  4. Click the Fly-Cam to fly like a drone, therefore allowing free views from any height or angle

WHERE is MyPad3D located?

While we are based in Seattle, WA, we have people all over and can certainly work with clients anywhere in the world.

Please click here for more info

WHERE are MyPad3D clients?

Our clients come from all over the world, and we are happy to work with anyone, from anywhere, anytime!




Here’s our simple layman version:

  • VR = an immersive environment, similar to the real world, yet in a computer.

In addition, true VR should be accessible across any device - and that's exactly what we offer.



Or for a verbose interpretation, click here  for the WIKIPEDIA version

What are VR headsets?

VR headsets are essentially the combination of a TV with a pair of glasses with a movement tracking ability.


This enables you to completely immerse your eyes in the virtual world.  Further they track your movements, so when you look up in your real world, you also look up in the virtual one.


For some fun experiences check here 

Are your solutions compatible with VR headsets?

We of course love this field (and you will too).  


Click here to see some experiences of users viewing our solutions through VR headsets - which are available for most of our solutions




PS incase you hadn't guess, YES, we are absolutely compatible

WHAT is the MyPad3D story?

When Jeff Williams was a realtor he observed a multitude of problems with New Home Construction, which affected both the buyer and the builder. Rather than complain, he started a company to fix it!


MyPad3D has produced a solution that replaces many of the pains of home buying with a sense of knowledge, pleasure and fun. We turn simple home paper flyers into beautiful photo-realistic 3D interactive homes that potential buyers can tour from the comfort of their home 24-7.


Further, builder specific options and upgrades are just a click away, along with the associated prices. This empowers the buyer to truly visualize the combinations of options as well as work within a budget (yes, we have incorporated a price calculator in there too!).


In summary, buyers can see, walk through, explore, interact, change and decorate their homes before a foundation has been laid. The end result is a shareable customized home that results in happy buyers, happy builders and an expedited selling process from months to days!

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