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Union Hill View Residence

The Union Hill View residence best exemplifies how the pitfalls of an unbuilt property can be rectified with our solution.  By allowing the home owner to see ALL the design possibilities of their home before making commitments, expensive errors can be avoided and happier home owners result. With the 2D architectural drawings, we were able to build a fully interative 3D solution, giving the owners not only a presence in the unbuilt space, but also an ability to swap instantly between options and make informed decisions.  The ability to make real time changes to the flooring, fireplace and roof trusses meant the architect, designer and owner could collaboratively reach a common goal.  With guided adjustments to the physical location and direction of the home, the owners were able to experience what their new home will look when complete, as well as optimize for the view.


"With MYPAD3D's solution, we had the ability to not only see our architect's vision but also to truly experience the possibilities of our dream home."  -  Michelle Richardson 

Our first step in the design process involved taking 360 degree photos of their property using cameras and drones, and then creating a grey box rendering of their home.  In doing so, the team realized they could use our solution to optimize their view, and therefore asked us to recalibrate the position 75 feet North and with a 55 degree rotation.  The gray box rendering also brought to light some collaborative design challenges to the chimney and roof truss placement.  With VirtualView, we were able to work with the team to come up with some viable solutions to address these problems.


Once the grey box is complete, our next step in the VR build process is to add textures. Textures bring a home to life with furniture, hardware, reflective qualities, flooring, etc.  For the owners who are outdoor enthusiasts, textures included their comfortable leather couches, wide-plank wood floors, a flat screen TV and even their prized wall mount trophies.  You can see in the videos below how they can easily swap out their floors, furniture, trusses, etc with a simple click.

Video Tour

In this video, you'll notice textures have been added to the home including furniture and flooring. With our solution VirtualView, the Richardsons can swap out flooring with one simple click.

And in this video, we show how the trusses can be swapped out and moved.  This visual ultimately led to the client's decision to change the style of trusses that were to be built.

Here are some images from the final solution (suitable for iPhone, iPad, Google Cardboard, PC, Mac, Vive, Oculus

MyPad3D RR exterior
MyPad3D fireplace
RR kitchen
RR view from high
RR balcony view
RR table
MyPad3D VR couch

This was a fun project for several reasons:

  1. It was a delight to witness the moment that the owner was first able to truly see and experience the beauty that the architect had envisioned, yet had eluded her for so long.

  2. Working collaboratively with the architects, designers and owners meant everyone was able to get on the same page.

  3. When all is said and done, their dream home will now be their reality... and we take pride in knowing we helped in this wonderful process.

Like what you see?  Want to learn how we can take your dream home into 3D or virtual reality?

Contact us at at to set up your personal appointment. 

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