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Rae Remodel


The Rae family were unfortunate enough to have a fridge leak that completely destroyed the flooring and cabinets around it.  


"When you pay $30k for a kitchen, it's nice to know what your choices are going to look like. It's unfathomable that until today, we'd of been making these very expensive decisions from tiny swatches and paint swabs"     Mrs Rae


They didn't have a large budget, yet weren't entirely sure of what their choices would look like.

We started with a kitchen that looked like this (although this was taken about a year before the accident happened!

Image 1: Before the remodel (and fridge leak) shot

Image 2: Here are the plans and a hand drawn sketch of the kitchen area.

We didn't even need to go onsite, as we were given measurements and details with all the necessary info.  



(Admittedly, some additional measurements and notes were in an email)

Image 3: The initial draft render based on first concepts

Image 4: The final render.  Note the changes to the floors, side splash, and accessories

Image 5: The final decisions.  Only the first and this image are actual photos, the rest are renders.



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