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Commercial Real Estate Solutions

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Improve building knowledge & Decrease possible change orders

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Increase Awareness with cutting edge immersive VR and AR solutions

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Decrease build/lease/sale time frames and Increase Profitabality

MYPAD3D delivers cutting edge immersive solutions that can assist your construction decisions, bring teams together, and make it easy to present ideas & options to customers.

That fact that you are here, probably means you are an expert in your field and now is your chance to stand out from the crowd by working with us to offer your company and your clients a taste of the future.

We invite you to collaborate with us, as together anything is possible.

We bring over 6 years of immersive tech experience involving:​

  • Architectural design

  • Building layout and flow

  • Contractor mobile knowledge 

  • Design choices (Interior & Exterior) 

  • Engineering 

  • Massing

  • Staging

  • Remodeling 

  • Planning

  • Review

  • Drone footage

  • Still Renders

  • Fly-throughs

  • 3D tours

  • and more

Let's combine our knowledge to build interactive immersive solutions that have everyday use, reduce costs and make your offerings stand out above your competitors

Here's an example of an evolving skyscraper...




What's the best tech for your situation?


AR apps

Interactive mobile apps for customers and everyone


Drone views

See the view from the 30th floor, or use Lidar and photogrammetry in VR/AR

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Still Renders

From 2D to 360 photo realistic renders for web or VR/AR

Magic Leap Conference Room Construction.

VR experiences

Interactive Immersive solutions for VR and/or PC

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Fly throughs

Make this your own.

Add the content you want.


Here are 5 examples, yet we have plenty, email us at for further details


SITUATION: How show new museum wing concepts to investors ?

SOLUTION: Create an app using 360s, VR & AR allowing virtual tours from anywhere

Our solutions can be accessed by you and your clients.


Applications are intuitive, immersive, and interactive, allowing unique ways to share - on social media, on the web, on a PC, phone, iPad or through a VR headset for the deepest immersion possible

We would love to hear about your needs.


Email us at INFO@MYPAD3D.COM or call us at 1-844-MYPAD3D

Also, feel free to use this easy contact form:

Contact Us


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